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Trace a Phone Number With Java!

You can now use an online reverse phone trace service to find out the location of any phone number quickly and easily. In fact, all you need to do is type the phone number you want to find out the details for in the search box provided on the home page and then click on the search button. This will then query a huge database on the backend and return the State & City of where the phone number is located.

This query connects with a huge database of over 30 million (probably more by now) listings which detail such information as the phone number owner’s name and address which is linked to their phone number. This allows you to query the database and bring back the results you need in order to see who owns the phone number also of mobile phone. It’s like having a cellphone directory database for free.

Doing this will allow you to find out the phone owner details and then have them displayed on a Google map right in front of you. The Google map is programmed in Javascript and is loaded “on the fly” I.E is loaded as the data is provided to it online. The map operates using a web service to link in with Google’s massive data processing facilities to bring back the map all rendered in Java, with a central point focusing on where the number is located.

The user experience is remarkably amazing due, mainly, to the sheer scale and power of the database queries that are taking place. Not only that, but because the maps application is hosted remotely, it does not lag the server with any bottlenecks, which all makes for an amazingly efficient system.