Using Java on a mobile phone….

Using a reverse cell phone lookup tool allows you to find out who called by pulling their name, address and some other background information from a huge database. It works by allowing you to type the phone number you wish to find the details for into a search box and then searching the database upon hitting the search button.

This then allows the system to use a direct connection to the database to pull some basic information including their line type, State and City. This “basic” search is totally free and is displayed, with Java, by Google maps. It is able to best pinpoint the city on the map because it finds the longitude and latitude of the city with the Google maps API and then uses this data to hone the maps software into the location where the phone number is located.

Doing this brings up the basic information for the owner of the phone number, but after that it allows you to progress further by linking through to a certified broker of this information which means you can find out their real name and current address, etc. It’s all coded to be as smooth and streamlined as possible and, although there are a few small bugs, it seems to work really well.

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